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Open File FBI Hate Crime Data Manual New!
Open File Section/UCR Cross-Reference Report Updated 12/2014
Open File Section/NIBRS Code Cross-Reference Report Updated 12/2014
Open File NIBRS Technical Specification Updated
Open File New Rape Definition 01/2013
Open File FBI NIBRS Handbook
Open File PA Supplement to the UCR Handbook
Open File PA IBR Data Dictionary 03/2010
Open File LEOKA Guidelines
Open File PA Bulletin: Uniform Crime Reporting Act
Open File UCR Mandatory Process Flow Chart
Open File Uniform Crime Reporting Act 180
Open File 2004 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Handbook (4MB!)
Open File Summary Files Upload Specification
Open File PA IBR File Upload Specifications
Open File Authorized Jurisdiction Specifications
Open File Transmitted File Specifications
Open File Summary Forms
Open File Tally Book Form Downloads
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